Restore color from Body sweat at $120.00

Nicks filled and repaired at $125.00

What you Get

First we clean all the leather, removing soils and oils that are deep in the grain.

Second we apply a hydrating conditioner that also replaces the oils the leather needs to stay soft for a long time.

Third Oils are heated to penetrate deep into the leather grain. 

Leather protector is applied at an extra  charge of 25% more. We highly recommend Leather protector sealer. This gives your leather a thin barrier, and time window to clean up a spill before it gets into your leather.

Customers who get Yearly Service. We also will touch up small scratches or nicks at no charge, and make small repairs. First Year customers we charge about $25 to $50 as an add on service.

Send us photos of Damaged leather for an estimate

Leather Furniture cleaning

‚ÄčIs the best way to keep your leather cleaned and from  drying out over time. If you want to keep your leather furniture cleaned, and soft for a long time consider yearly cleaning service. We're not only a leather repair business  we are the best at Leather Cleaning service. We clean Leather, Condition Leather , and add protector to your leather furniture. We can also do light coloring,  or pick up your furniture and restore it.

If you want a trained, skilled, Certified, owner operated Upholstery cleaner, Leather cleaner, Carpet Cleaner and Furniture Repair Trained Technician. Guardsman FurniturePro should be your first and only choice for all your Text Tile needs. From Carpet Cleaning to Antique Refinishing.

Restore Antique Leather Chair  $375.00

Tears repaired at $140.00

Have us clean and protect your leather furniture every year we will touch up nicks, and scratches for free. Service starts on the second year of service.

Fully Finished Leather Cleaning Prices

$150 sofa

$100 Love Seat

50-$100 Chaise Size matters for price.

Chair $40 to $60

Ottoman  $30 and up

Dinning Chairs $30 and $6 per extra panel

Heavily soiled or stained add 10%

Anilin Leathers add 10%

Wax or Oil Pull up add 10%

Knubuck add 20%

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