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If you want a trained, skilled, Certified, owner operated Upholstery cleaner, Leather cleaner, Carpet Cleaner and Furniture Repair Trained Technician. Guardsman FurniturePro should be your first and only choice for all your Text Tile needs. From Carpet Cleaning to Antique Refinishing.

Phone: 703 -763-0535 

email: info@guardsmanva.com

Let's get your carpets Cleaned, smelling fresh, and looking great again.

                                    We use Proven Green Cleaners and Steam Extraction

Don't Fall for $99 hole house scams, or phony to good to be true coupons. 

Other Services:

Don't forget we are not just a cleaning company.

We repair and restore wood furniture. Fix sofa frames and springs. Clean mattress, and Leather furniture.

Encapsulation Cleaning

Is a Low moisture cleaning system. A green chemical is sprayed and delicately scrubbed into the carpet. The cleaner suspends, and encapsulates all the soiling in the carpet. Most light stains are removed permanently as well. This method is considered deep cleaning, however it is not as thorough as Steam Cleaning. It is a great low cost, low carpet stress, fast drying cleaning system. We recommend this over a Cheap Steam Cleaning.

Minimum Fee $120

Includes first 2 Rooms ( Approximately 450 square feet

Each additional room is $35.00

Pet Odor 25% more

If you have an Odor problem. We can saturate your carpets with enzyme, and deodorizer. This method takes longer and it is approximately 25% more than the Rotovac method.  Just know If you have Severe Pet Situation we're going to make it better, not perfect.

               Additional Upgrades

Protector is about 20% of the price of your carpet cleaning.

Base Boards have us wipe down your base boards of dust so it does not fall back on your clean carpets.   10%

Fans- We will dust your ceiling fan blades at $10 per fan.

Have us touch up your wood furniture, Kitchen cabinets.

Rotovac Rotary Steam Method

Our Rotary cleaning machine is a spinning washing machine that  that glides over your carpets doing hundreds of passes compared to a standard cleaning wand. Our method takes a little longer, but the results are phonemonial.  A room size is approximate  15 ft X 15 ft

$149 minimum

$39 per room

$2.00-$3.00 per stair

Basement start at 55.00


We Provide Honest pricing. We do not offer a  low price to get in your front door. . While there are things that can make a situation cost more. Heavy soiling,  many stains, pet odors to name a few. We try to be as forward as we can with our prices. No Surprises!

            All work is Guaranteed


We are the best carpet cleaners because we take time to get it right the first time. We spend more time extracting your soil, and our cleaner out of the carpet to leave your carpets cleaner and drier.

We also specialize in Residential cleaning which means we only purchase the best equipment for a home, not for all the settings a commercial company faces. This keeps our prices lower, and quality higher.

Our Signature methods includes a 14 day Satisfaction Guarantee. Free Deodorizing and Stain Spot Cleaning. If your not satisfied with your cleaning let us return to correct it. If your still not satisfied we will refund your money.

Carpet cleaning

It is recommended to clean carpets

every 12-24 months.  Let us help you maintain and preserve your carpets.

Green Chemicals

Allergen Removal

Pet Stains and Odors

Smoke Odor

Food and Beverage Stains

Water Damage

General Cleaning